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Corporate Wraps in Greenville, SC

Vehicle wraps are tried and tested methods of bringing your brand wherever you go. Auto wraps for fleet vehicles and service professionals help to instill comfort and confidence in clients. Anyone who uses a corporate vehicle for travel or on-location jobs can benefit from a branded vehicle. Not only does it assure your customer that the person who is visiting their home or business is affiliated with your organization, it can also impress them with the professionalism of your organization. A branded corporate vehicle speaks of the company itself.

Vehicle wrap reaches a wider range of audience. Instead of waiting for your audience to watch your advertisements on television, you can bring your brand to them. It reaches all kinds of demographics. It can help your business attract new customers than billboards or even your website.

Make Your Company Vehicles Stand Out With A Wrap!

Brightly colored, attractive vehicle wraps make your company vehicles stand out from all other vehicles on the road. Passing drivers and pedestrians don’t pay attention to a plain white van, but they will notice a well-designed car wrap. Colorful car wraps are so engaging that people’s eyes naturally gravitate towards them.

A vehicle wrap can cost only a fraction of your advertising expense. If you analyze it carefully, the benefits of vehicle wraps will outdo all the expenses associated with it. Our quality vehicle wraps here in Katazoom normally outlast your vehicle. You can expect your wrap to last up to 10 years, as long as you are careful about high-pressure washing.

Vinyl Wrap Makes Maintenance Easy!

It is best to hand wash your wrapped vehicle. Wash whenever the car appears dirty. Contaminants allowed to remain on the graphic may be more difficult to remove during cleaning. Rinse off as much dirt and grit as possible with a spray of water.

In general, avoid power washing and do not use an ice-scraper. If you need to use power washing, you must ensure that the water pressure is kept below 2000 psi. Keep water temperature below 180°F. Brushing windows and the use of a rear defroster will cause no damage to your window wrap.

Vinyl wraps may be run through car washes. Touch-less car washes are the best for graphics care. Use of brush car washes may cause dulling or lifting edge of the graphics.

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