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Trailer Wraps in Greenville, SC

Are you looking for a way to attract new customers? What if there is a way for you to promote your brand and attract potential customers wherever you go?

Katazoom can complete your marketing with complementary products such as trailer wraps. We specialize in vehicle wraps to help our clients raise awareness of their brand. Vehicle wraps and graphics are a great way to protect your vehicle as well as advertising. It is like a moving billboard and is very effective in capturing attention and advertising your message.

Vehicle advertising is one of the most effective advertising schemes today. At first glance, vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics may appear expensive, until you compare it to other methods of advertising like print ads and you’ll see a big difference. To illustrate, assume a $250 newspaper ad to a $2,000 dollar vehicle wrap. It is pretty obvious that the vehicle wrap is more expensive than the newspaper ad. However, the wrap will be on the road for up to 10 years, and not just one day.

Turn Your Trailers Into Money Making Machines!

Instead of looking at trailer wraps as an additional advertising expense, try looking it is an investment.

  1. A trailer wrap reaches a larger audience every day.

With a lot of people and vehicles on the road every single day, your brand will reach a larger audience. Vehicle advertising can produce up to 30,000 impressions a day.

  1. A trailer wrap generates a positive opinion

About 75% of people say that they have a favorable opinion of companies they see through vehicle advertising. Likewise, most people feel a company is more established and more successful when this form of marketing is involved.

  1. A trailer wrap increases awareness

Many times, viewers believe that the products being advertised are real when they see the actual products being delivered. They think their neighbors are using their services and they begin to generate those positive feelings toward a brand.

  1. A trailer wrap bypasses restrictions and influences a lucrative market

There are lots of restrictions when it comes to billboard placement, rates and timing. Having a mobile billboard is a great way to break free from that. It is a more effective way to reach your target customers. Heavy commuters are most likely to see your advertisements. Your vehicle advertising will reach an audience of all ages, races, and nationalities.

Vinyl Wraps Make Advertising Easy!

We provide an excellent vinyl wrap service to all kinds of vehicles. Whether you need one wrap or more, we are your best source of supplier for your fleet trailer wraps.

Regardless of your vehicle size and types, Katazoom has the right wrap for you. From small cars to tour buses, and all kinds of mobile equipement, we can wrap anything and turn it into a mobile marketing strategy! Our designs are carefully chosen to ensure that we only give you the best service.

Give us a call and we can assist with any and all trailer graphic needs.

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