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Wall Murals & Coverings by Katazoom

  • Wall murals can help your business in many ways.
    Wall murals have a big impact on the return of investment (ROI)
    Entrepreneurs see the impact of wall murals on the ROI. Large format ads loudly announcing a brand creates better customer recall. The point is to make people stare and talk about it as they leave, or even days after. When wall murals are positioned strategically, they can even become well-known landmarks in the local community, and everybody will be referring to it.

  • Wall murals offer endless possibilities.
    If you are a small business, murals will help make the announcement to the community. If you are an institution, they can help you livening up your interiors and setting the mood. Any competitive business that wants to show off and stand out will do well to include this type of advertising to its mix.

  • Wall murals help build ambiance.
    Murals can help create your preferred setting so customers will feel more comfortable. Depending on your business, this can help you set the mood of your business.

  • Wall murals inform your clients.
    A creative wall that shows your company’s history and highlights the people and milestones that brought your brand to success will do well for your lobby or reception area.

When it comes to choosing the perfect wall mural for your business, it is important to get in touch only with professionals who know how to do this service right. Due to the sheer size of this type of advertisement, mistakes are often easy to spot! Get in touch with our team here at Katazoom, and we can help you create the best design and location options for your wall mural needs. After all, this is our job- to help your brand get noticed.

Wall murals are large printed graphics which you can see on many buildings exteriors, or in the hallways. They are so huge that you decide to pause and take a second look. They are eye-catching and send a message boldly. Some of these can be found in exterior locations, while others are displayed indoors, like inside malls or high-traffic lobbies.

Wall murals can be impactful as they can appear in different creative shapes and sizes, and are visible to pedestrian and vehicular population. They are custom-built for long-term usage on freeways and highways, on commuter and tourist routes and in downtown business districts.

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